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IT Support & Services

Proactive Network Support & Monitoring fully tailored to your requirements

Computing Dynamics offers full featured and tailored network support and monitoring solutions for your IT infrastructure.

We provide you with the confidence that your business systems are safe and secure by monitoring elements of the system that underpin security and alerting you to any issues, before they become business critical.

Monitoring the physical health of servers can allow us to carry out maintenance and repairs on equipment, before problems cause major disruption to business. With Computing Dynamics constantly monitoring your systems for hardware and disk errors or malfunctions, Backup results, Anti-Virus status, free disk space and an array of other services, you’ll keep hardware costs to a minimum, and prevent costly downtime.

Our engineers will act on issues as they arise and in the event of a more serious problem developing, you will be contacted and advised of an appropriate course of action.

Features include:

  • Full systems monitoring and advance notification of potential failures
  • Preemptive network maintenance
  • Antimalware
  • Patch Management and Third-Party Patching
  • Asset Discovery
  • Antispam
  • Inventory tracking
  • Backup monitoring
  • Policy Management

For a full list of monitoring and network support solutions, call us on 01280 700154.