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IT Support & Services

Network Security

We can provide network security solutions from Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware software through to Email and Web filtering systems. We also have extensive knowledge of firewalls and security appliances from most major manufacturers.

Network Auditing

Many networks have been pushed to the limits of their capacity to accomplish what they are asked to do. A deficit of memory, disk space, connectivity , security patch updating, and other challenges, have left many businesses experiencing systems crashes, routine slowdowns, lost data, privacy and compliance issues.

Our network audit delivers a thorough in depth analysis of your current infrastructure and provides the recommended solutions to be implemented in order ensure optimal system performance, increased security, network reliability and staff productivity.

Our IT network audit review and report includes detailed assessments of:

  • Patch management: Fix vulnerabilities before an attack
  • Server health checks: Configuration, current load, lifespan and scalability
  • Software and Hardware Integrity Checks
  • Physical device Inspection
  • Verification of business continuity and disaster recovery plan
  • Vulnerability assessment: Discover security threats early
  • Software and Hardware Inventory assessment

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