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The Fujitsu ESPRIMO family is a complete range of highly expandable PCs that run your office applications dependably. Outstanding production quality ensures reliability, and systems with patented 0-Watt technology reduce energy costs by up to 40%.



Perfect for all Standard Home and Office Applications

desktop-allround-580x224_tcm23-26211Fujitsu All-round ESPRIMO PCs deliver high-quality computing for your office applications and projects at a very attractive price point. You can choose cost-optimized fixed configurations for immediate delivery. Alternatively, you can use configuration options to meet your specific hardware needs, while staying within your budget.


 End user Desktop without any Compromises

desktop-advanced-580x224_tcm23-26213Reliable Fujitsu Advanced ESPRIMO PCs give you expandable state-of-the-art technology for challenging business applications. You can upgrade hardware easily and quickly without additional tools and software using straightforward management functions. ESPRIMO PCs also lower your energy costs with up to 92%-efficient power supplies. Finally, EraseDisk wipes all your data securely at retirement.


Easy-to-manage, high-performance PCs for demanding applications

desktop-superior-580x224_tcm23-26214Fujitsu Superior ESPRIMO PCs provide expandable, high-performance computing for your demanding business applications. Intelligent manageability, optimal infrastructure compatibility, and innovative form factors combine with excellent reliability to lower your IT costs and headaches. In addition, patented 0-Watt technology and 94%-efficient power supplies reduce your energy bills by up to 40%. Finally, the EraseDisk function wipes your data securely at retirement.