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IT Support & Services

Virtual Desktops

Computing Dynamics offers an ‘office in a box’ hosted Virtual Desktops solution. Fully managed and maintained, your hosted Virtual Desktops are stored in the cloud. They’re safe and secure, with information and applications on demand that are always up-to-date. For businesses, our Virtual Desktop puts an end to IT capital expenditure, replacing it instead with a pay per user model that’s scalable, adaptable, agile and cost effective. As well as making IT budgeting simple, transparent and predictable, hosted virtual desktops rule out obsolescence issues for automatic future-proofing.

Benefits Include:

  • Eradicate the threat of lost data associated with local storage on laptops or PCs
  • Each virtual desktop is stored in the cloud, automatically backed up twice daily and available on demand
  • A simple price per user model makes IT budgeting simple and straightforward
  • Desktop applications are automatically kept up-to-date

Virtual Private Servers (VPS)

Virtual Private Servers offer the same features and benefits as physical servers, but are hosted from ultra-secure UK-based data centres for advanced security and availability.  They are provided by a collection of host physical servers, drawing their resources (CPUs, RAM, and storage space) from multiple physical server machines.  They use virtualisation technology (VMware) to provide virtual server resilience against physical host server failure; if a physical server in the datacentre fails, the virtual server migrates automatically to a working host, minimising or removing downtime.

Virtual Private Servers are an enterprise-level solution that’s specified and scaled to meet your business’ particular requirements, and can be integrated with your existing infrastructure to move your business to a more manageable price-per-month cost model.

Benefits Include:

  • Pay for what you need on a month-by-month basis; increase the virtual server specifications as the needs of the business change.
  • Greater resilience and disaster recovery:  IT services are held away from the office in an ultra-secure, 24/7 guarded, fire-proof datacentre.
  • Better costing model; no need to spend huge capital expense upfront, just pay per month per server for what you need.
  • Data is replicated across multiple hard drives for redundancy and speed.