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Managed Antivirus and Content filtering from Webroot

Computing Dynamics offers Managed Antivirus and Content filtering via Webroot® SecureAnywhere®
Business Endpoint Protection, allowing us to centrally manage your security needs from a single, central location. Webroot® SecureAnywhere® offers fully featured protection that’s always automatically kept up-to date.

Fast, flexible, and easy-to-use, Webroot® SecureAnywhere® is the first cloud based security platform ‘Right Sized’ for Small Businesses.

The intuitive drag and drop web console can be accessed from anywhere, whether you need to make real-time changes to one PC or a whole network. Monitor, update and scan all your PCs remotely. You’ll be able to monitor detected threats, infections and content-filtering violations as they occur, as well as install, upgrade or deactivate any and all services with ease.

Whether you choose to monitor your PC security internally or have Computing Dynamics do it for you, you can rest assured that your PCs are protected from viruses, malware and other internet threats.

Cloud Email Security and Spam protection

Designed specifically for SMEs our email security solutions offer the ultimate email security protection for the smaller enterprise.

Benefits include:

  • Inbound and Outbound Protection
  • Intelligent Content Filtering
  • Flexible Rules Engine – allows users to filter their email based on a series of select variables.
  • Robust protection from Spam, Malware, Phishing, Viruses and more
  • Tamper-Proof and Offsite archiving facility
  • Email Logs for complete email tracking
  • User Quarantine Report

Email threat protection smaller enterprises can rely on:

Our email security has been purpose built to protect SMEs from the specific spam and security threats this market faces. From malicious spam and viruses to targeted spear phishing attacks, our service provides the first-class email security protection technology, that until now SMEs have only dreamed of.

Downtime is no longer an issue with Emergency Inbox:

Automatic access to your email if your server fails or unexpected downtime hits, keeping business email fully operational at all times.

Instant Replay:

With the Instant Replay feature, users can easily replay successfully delivered emails received in the last 30days, which may have been wrongly deleted or accidentally removed from servers.

Email Spooling and Failover:

Instant and automatic activation plus always-on SMTP Deferral, Failover & Queue protection preserves email data during an onsite server outage, allowing data to be queued and sent once your server is back online.